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Chicago Hoop and Poi Lessons, February 18, 2006

Course Overview

this is an intermediate class


2224 W. Fulton, Chicago, IL, USA


Saturday, February 18, 2005


There will be three sessions:

  • 10:15 - 12: 25: Mixed Level Hoop Class
  • 12:30 - 2:45: Mixed Level Poi Class - sold out!
  • 3:15 - 5:30: Mixed Level Poi Class - sold out!


Lessons for Beginning Poi artists

For beginning poi artists, we will focus on fundamental movement principles as well as ensuring the artist has the basic moves in all directions. Then we'll work on how to transition between same and split direction movements as well as flowing between moves.

Lessons for Intermediate Poi artists

For intermediate and advanced Poi artists: Not only we will focus on honing skills (wall plane, multibeat, behind the back, polyrhythmic, split direction, etc.) we will work with combinations of moves and the flow between them. After all, what good does it do you to have a move that you can't string together with other moves? We will introduce some of our poi theory that explains how to understand more fully how to connect moves together and then we'll introduce some slick transitions (stalls, wraps, etc.) and some combos of moves you can use (and reuse like moves themselves) in your performances to add flair and fun to your poi play and performance time.

Lessons for All levels of Hoop artists

Everyone will benefit from this class as it is designed for all levels of hoop artists. Tricks will be broken down into step by step components from learning the basics to furthering more advanced hoop tricks. For more advanced artists, the class will also assist with flow between moves.


A limited number of hoops will be present so please bring one if you have one. Poi will be available for sale in a variety of styles.


Poi sessions will be taught by Isa "GlitterGirl" Isaacs, founder of Temple of Poi, the premier poi school in the world, and the Hoop session will be taught by KC "Ruby Hoop", professional hoopstress and member of Chicago's hot fire performance troupe, SPUNN.

What to Bring

Please bring water, your poi, your hoop, your flow journal or paper and pen to take notes and your final tuition payment.


Single sessions (2 hours) is $60.

The poi sessions have sold out. Students may only register for the Hoop class at this time.

Students signing up the day of the workshop will pay the full price of $60 per session due in cash.

All payments are non refundable and non transferable!

Discount/Referral Fee

Do you have friends who might be interested in this workshop? For each client who signs up and indicates you referred them, you get 10% of their tuition fee reduced off the fee for your workshop (this can be applied to an SF Class or workshop Int II or beyond or the CBT), so sign up with your friends or get your friends to sign up and get your discount now! If there is enough registration, some scholarship discounts may be available. Email for details.


Single Session Signup:

All payments are non refundable and nontransferable.

Which session will you attend?
Referring Person or Ad?



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"Poi has changed my life.  For me, poi is more than fire dancing, it is a way of life.  Poi is meditation, mindfulness, dance, discovery, play, art, mandalas, exercise, expression, body-mind-spirit connection, and love.  I feel awake in my body and alive while I dance and play.  Poi is a tool that is helping me bring power into my life.  Poi is a way for me to focus on the divinity and love within us all and now I have a way to share that love with the world."
~M. Weinberg; December 2007

"I'm mostly self-taught, and I've found the few lessons I've had with Isa to really take my skills up several notches very quickly ... testament to her skills as a teacher and performer."
~ W. Chase; May, 2004

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