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experience the flow rEvolution
(last modified 02.23.05)

As flow artists deepen their practice, they continually expand their understanding of the gifts garnered in their flow rEvolution:

  • freedom, openness, presence and alignment in body, mind and spirit
  • more sophisticated and beautiful choices
  • an way of Being that becomes more expansive, experimental and explorational
  • greater access to Self flowing freely, expressed richly and shining brightly
  • union with their divine presence, their highest Self

These gifts do not come without effort. Our work to actively cultivate increased physical dexterity and mental acuity within flow our meditation practice reveals the gateway to euphoric states and union with our divine Self.

Temple of Poi classes are developed with this holistic journey in mine. To support improvements in the physical skills of the flow arts, we offer comprehensive structures, drills, models, and distinctions which continually deepen the artists relationship to their flow tools. As the art form matures, we evolve our curriculum, continually affording student diverse material to study.

At the same time, our classes educate beyond the technical focus and continually encourage development of a powerful and positive mindset. Integrating this mindset deepens our understanding of Self, yielding greater confidence, compassion, grace, positivity and acceptance practitioners experience within their flow practice (and life). As artists develop these attitudes, they release tensions and stress while increasing openness and access to flow. Increased access to flow accelerates the rate of learning, boosting confidence further.

Through practice, this flow rEvolution cycle repeats endlessly, allowing artists deeper understandings, increased flow, never-ending learnings and the ability to create and surrender Self to euphoric states of expression.

The impact expands beyond the individuals as empowered practitioners draw ever-increasing numbers of like minded artists together in community. Together the practitioners consciously co-create a supportive environment where participants transcend ego-driven competitive thinking by embracing flow-inspired cooperative learning. Just as individual's evolution feeds the community, the growth of this expansive cycle in the community endlessly fosters innovation and advancements that (re)define the art form itself. We invite you to create your own practice and join us as we experience the flow rEvolution.


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"In the middle of a huge risk in my life and coming to learn poi is a really great way for me to play and develop self-esteem artistically. I felt really good about the breakthrough I had with a few moves the other day [at flow rEvolution]."

~R. Benmeleh; May, 2005

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