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Call for Fire Dancing Artists

We want to showcase new, innovative and fun fire dancing performances.

Do you want to show off your performance?

Each year, National Dance Week encourages the growth and development of Dance in America by raising the public consciousness to the values, importance and contributions of Dance to our daily lives and culture. Temple of Poi is committed to supporting this mission by creating an affordable opportunity for performers and audiences alike to appreciate the beauty, grace and brilliance of fire dancing by sponsoring a free-to-the-public, affordable-for-artists fire dancing show on San Francisco’s landmark Union Square stage.

Temple of Poi is proud to sponsor the 2nd annual Temple of Poi Fire Dancing Expo as an opportunity for the global fire dancing community to perform for an enthusiastic, appreciative, receptive audience in San Francisco.  This event has been selected by Bay Area National Dance Week as a Cornerstone Event, one of 2 San Francisco based events selected from almost 300 events held during National Dance week. 

What this means to you as an artist is more press coverage and potentially, coverage on television news. We've already been in touch with ABC TV and the SF Chronicle newspaper.

Because Temple of Poi understands how challenging it can be to find safe and affordable venues in which to showcase fire dancing performance, we are creating this opportunity for artists to have a gorgeous 26’x70’ concrete, outdoor stage! We invite you to bring your best fire dancing performance art and strut your stuff for our live crowd and video cameras.

We’ll pay the cost and do the work to get videographers, fire and sound permits, space rental, press, marketing, fuel, spin out areas and an amazing opportunity in front of a large crowd in a city that loves fire dancing in exchange for your time on the stage. If you’re a performer or safety willing to donate $30 to these fees on or before April 29 (about $3000 in 2006), we’ll also give you two copies of the DVD of the show when the DVD is complete (the DVD will list at $20 or more).

This non-profit event was created with the intention of giving performers of all skill levels the chance to perform while raising awareness of fire dancing as a prestigious dance form.  This event offers novice soloists and groups who might otherwise not have the opportunity to perform an opportunity to get their feet wet with public fire dancing performance in front of a crowd there to see you. Additionally, professionals can come and share their art and show off their choreography in a public setting sure to delight and inspire us all.

This event benefits the global fire arts community by creating more opportunities for us to perform the art form safely and creating awareness of the beauty of the event. It benefits you specifically because we will also be creating marketing packs for the public and your marketing material can be included in that kit, giving you lots of potential clients whose hands will receive your flyers, promos, coupons, zines and other marketing material after having just witnessed your amazing skills.

This two hour show will be hosted by Miss Tamale, a friend, fellow fire dancer and comedian from Chicago. We are inviting fire artists to apply for performance spots in the 2007 event in one of these categories:

  • Solo Amateurs/Students: 60 second performances: up to 15 as space permits to music we select.
  • Solo semi-pro and professionals: 2.5 minutes per artist per performance tool, up to 2 tools per artist; we have 10 time slots available
  • Group performances Amateurs/Students: we have at least three 4 minute time slots available
  • Group performance semi-pro and professionals: we have at least five 7 minute time slots available

We are also now accepting volunteers to assist with:

  • fire safety
  • equipment set up/tear down
  • flyer distribution/marketing
  • stage management
  • management of spinout area
  • hosting out of town fire artists
  • ushers

Interested applicants must submit an application to us by March 28, 2007 in order to be considered. Applications must include this information sheet as well as either an in person audition or video submission of the proposed piece or something like it. In an effort to support a diverse show, preference will be given to artists from outside the Bay Area – after all, they are coming all this way to donate their time, energy and brilliance to a Bay Area fire show.

Guidelines for Applicants

  • all applications must be received by March 28, 2007 at Noon
  • we would like to fill at least half the performance spots with out of town guests and preference will be given to their applications
  • this is a non-profit event and is therefore unpaid in 2007.
  • each group must apply with one application and a designated contact person. All members of the group must be listed on that application.
  • Solo acts must have a separate application, even if you are part of a group.
  • All applications must include a video of the piece or comparable work OR the artists must audition the piece live for GlitterGirl. (Special exceptions can be made for established out of town artists on an individual basis after direct contact with GlitterGirl).
  • an application is not considered complete until each member of the group performing has signed and submitted their video release form.
  • Out of town guests should indicate on their application if they are looking to be hosted while in town.
  • You must be comfortable spinning with white gas only (if you need an exception, please contact us in advance).
  • must have prior performance experience with white gas only
  • For permitting reasons, all artists must wear natural fiber. Synthetic fibers may be used with prior written approval from GlitterGirl IF they are on top of natural fibers.
  • No fire spitting allowed.
  • Must have prior experience extinguishing burning tools
  • Must agree to abide by the Flowology Mindset™ as related to the event:

Please note, this event is a mere 5 days prior to Fire Drums V, the west coast annual fire and drum gathering.

This legally permitted public event will take place at a historic San Francisco landmark location on the closing night of National Dance Week, April the 29th 2007. Call time for artists is 7:30 pm with tools ready for tool inspection. Show starts at 7:55 PM.

Visit this web page for a complete listing of the 2007 Temple of Poi classes and events for National Dance Week.



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"Last Thursday I spun fire and last Sunday I really played and danced with the poi for almost two hours. Overcoming challenges and feeling flow in my body has been one little ray of sunshine for me lately. So thank you."
~D. Shelton; April, 2006

"I was at the performance last night and I am totally excited about being part of the Temple of Poi. I was amazed. You all did an amazing job. All through the night I was like "I want to do that" "OH ... I want to do that too!"
~B. Kline; April, 2006

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