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Body Love

Course Overview

Have you ever wanted to say, "I love my body right now, just as it is!" but find you struggle with that concept? Do you find yourself constantly obsessing about what's wrong with your body? Do you feel like you'll never feel good about what your body looks like and wish you could change that? Do you struggle with defining your own desires around how you want your body to look because of all the pressures (perceived or real) advertising and media create? Do you want tools and practices to help you love your body right now, exactly how it is?

If you answered yes to any of these questions -- and especially if you answered yes to all of these questions -- then join GlitterGirl for a 3 hour playshop created to offer men and women practices to assist them in accepting their body as it is right now.

Body Love — learning to say, “I love my body right now!”

What: A 3 hour playshop exploring and evolving our relationship to our bodies
Where: Temple of Poi, 953 Mission Street, SF, CA 94103
When: December 18, 2006 - 7:00 - 10:00 PM
Why: Because life is too short to hate the one thing you'll have to live with every day: You.

Please note: This class is not about losing weight, counting calories, or designing a workout program for changing one's body.

Instead, this gathering focuses on self acceptance as the first step toward any lasting change by creating a commitment to learn to love ones body exactly as it is today.

This 3 hour course begins by setting the tone for the evening through introducing the Flowology Mindset™. From there, participants will create a representation of their body as they see it today. This representation will focus on acknowledging the shape of our bodies today without judgment about what it means -- noting statistical information with number, pictures, words and anything else which inspires us.

The playshop will continue with each person noticing the parts of their body they like less and doing exercises to being to shift their experience about those parts of their body. These practices can be done once at the workshop. However, we believe they will benefit each person most when done as a daily practice for just a minute each day until they become unnecessary because true shifts in self perception have emerged.

The goal of the playshop is to have each participant be able to say, "I love my body exactly as it is right not, especially those parts of my body I have not liked in the past."


This sessions will be taught by Isa "GlitterGirl" Isaacs, founder of Temple of Poi, the premier poi school in the world. Here's a word from GlitterGirl:

Over the years I have seen some very beautiful people -- men and women alike -- judge their bodies harshly and from a place which often lacks self love. Having struggled on my own journey in this domain for the past 15 years, I realize it is not always easy to accept ones self. As a clinically obese woman, I am often surprised to find I love my body more than some woman who are a size 8. I was recently inspired when one of my closest friends -- a very hot woman -- confided in me how much she hated parts of her body. Saddened by this interaction and inspired to help people make a change, I designed this course based on my own journey and the coaching I was able to offer her (and many others through the years) to help her work with her body and begin to love it as it is. If you have ever said, "I hate my <insert body part here>!" and never want to say that again, I invite you to join me for this class.

To read more about her journey with her body, body image and her ideas about vanity and the human condition, visit her blog.

What to Bring

Each student is asked to bring pictures of themselves which remind them of what they like about their body, as well as pictures of themselves which show parts of them they do not like about their body. Participants are also asked to bring statistical data: weight, size, and measurements for chest, waist and hips.

Students will use this information and these pictures solely for the purposes of improving their relationship to their body. Participants will not need to share these pictures or numbers unless they wish to share them.


This class is a 3 hour session which includes a 10 minute break roughly half way through the class. The $75 tuition includes all the materials necessary for the class. Payment plans are available; inquire with GlitterGirl.

Referral Credit: Each student new to Temple of Poi who you refer to this workshop earns you a $5 credit on the class, so make sure they indicate your name when signing up.


Please note all payments are non refundable and nontransferable.

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"The part that really resonates for me is that by accepting myself I am releasing the energy of judgement so that I can make a change based on discernment, rather than judgement."
~R. Benmeleh; July, 2006

Body Love
inspired by the workshop

"I run my hands over my body
feeling soft spots, hot spots
hard spots, cold spots
sensation on both ends
the part that is touching
and the part being touched
it is a double reward
that no one can give you
but yourself
the price is facing one's own fear
and loathing
some that we are born with
some that is handed to us after we are born
by someone else
on a platter covered with their own shit
But to see
and taste
one's own self
the sour and the sweet
and have a small smile form
on the face
from the joy and pleasure
from it
is priceless"

~S. Astarte; July 2006

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