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Silk Flag Poi

Please use this link for current flag poi in stock.. Each pair of flag poi is hand dyed with lightweight silk as part of limited run lots of flags. While the flags have a beautiful and large visual impact, the lightweight nature of the silk combined with the ease of motion in the ball chain create a low resistance tool with almost as much flexibility as flag free poi.

See them in action in this video of GlitterGirl using a set of these flags in the day light.


Flags can be purchased for $60.00 (plus shipping and handling) for the silk material only. Assembly is required to use them as poi and details are contained in this Poi Flag Construction PDF.

Flag colors are much more vibrant in person and all flags are black light reactive. If they look good here, just wait until you start spinning them!

New Stock has just arrived and will be listed ishortly! (08052010)

Please note, some variations occur between the two sets of each style, though colors, and general design remain consistent.

Please note all payments are non-refundable and non-transferrable. All sales final.

Flag Style:
Style A

Style C




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