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Staff Classes

If you have a group of friends interested in a class, let us know. Otherwise, we are currently offering private staff instruction. Contact us for details.

Beginner Staff Intermediate Staff Mixed Level Staff
This class is geared toward the beginning staff player. The classes focus on technique and understanding how to manipulate the staff effectively so as to create all the basic staff movements.   The Intermediate Staff class instructs students in the art of moving with a heavier and longer staff implement, teaching extensions of the moves you've already learned with the shorter staff, as well as ways of manipulating the staff while it is in contact with your body. This class also creates a strong foundation for staff artists seeking to work with partners and is a pre requisite of the Partner Staff Class. This is an open class for spinners of all experience levels. The content of the class will largely be determined by the abilities desires of the students. Beginning students can expect an introduction to the basic moves and principles of staff, starting with a shorter staff.
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