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Int. IIC: WallPlanes & Lockouts

Course Overview

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This 4 week Lockouts and Wall planes class focuses on a completely different style of poi and body movement than the other intermediate II series classes, working exclusively with the poi staying in plane with each other and moving your body around them, or in some cases, no body movement at all.

This class is, in part, inspired by Nick Woolsey's style, in part inspired by Roger Lai's tight wall plane work, and in part my own take on incorporating "flat" (wall plane) work into the high energy and movement based world of poi dance.

Some elements of wall planes really work well for creating a different effect when dancing so that the fire frames the artist and is closer to the body. Other elements work really well for building a visual tapestry of fire stacked on and in line with itself where one moves the body while keeping the poi in the same place. It is an excellent tool to expand one's performance skills with and use as a contrast against a lot of turning within ones dance.

This class has a heavy emphasis on drills and control. This material covered includes various lockout and wall plane combinations as well as drills to assist artists in learning how to move the poi in the same plane with each other. The class teaches the following combos:

  • 3 beat weave lockout (over and underhand)
  • see-saw lockouts (front and back planes, over and under hand)
  • wall plane fountain
  • pinwheel/corkscrew lockouts
  • grand
  • cascades (up, down, split and same direction)
  • flowers

In addition, this class practices the following drills:

  • waist wrap drills
  • concentric circles - same direction, split direction
  • buzzsaw fountains - same direction, split direction
  • drills for the bouncing ball
  • see-saw drills
  • double rotators
  • stacked circle turns
  • spin and anti-spin drills

To maximize the value of these classes, class size is small (6 or less) and each student receives individual focus from the instructors. Each of the classes meets for 80 minutes. To assist your learning process, you can purchase our 93 double sided flashcards for this class


Students must already know how to do the overhand and underhand weave; buzzsaw overhand, underhand and in split direction; and corkscrews clockwise and counterclockwise.


Class Information
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"Thanks for an awesome class.!! I can hardly wait to take the next one!"

~ W. Phillips; June, 2006

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