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Fire Safety

Safety warning: Temple of Poi hereby informs you of your individual responsibility to seek adequate knowledge and safety information to qualify you to spin fire. You are advised to seek appropriate educational knowledge on fire tools and safety techniques, including but not limited to safety precautions; legality of fire permits in your local jurisdiction; appropriate fuel storage, containment, and transport; safety personnel and fire equipment extinguishment; fire tool disposal; and all other aspects of fire safety as related to fire dancing.

Temple of Poi is proud to offer this PDF fire safety document which outlines all the basics of fire safety a beginner would need to know including a detailed chart on fire and fuel choices which can be found on the Temple of Poi Blog.

Insurance and Permitting

If you are interested in doing a performance in San Francisco, the permitting information can be found here. You will need to get insurance to get a permit. Insurance is a little under $200 a year from Clowns of the US.



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Fire Poi Classes

Fire Poi Supplies

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"There are people who spin fire....and can't teach. But then there are the few, you included, who just know how to teach.You can tell what a person is doing wrong and fix it instantly...and you can explain moves so they make perfect sense."

~ J. Witteborg, July, 2004

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