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Beginner Fire Poi

Course Overview

this is an intermediate class

This is a four week course presents extensive fire poi safety information and focuses on students becoming familiar with burning fire poi comfortably and safely. Students garner information about safety practices, building fire poi rigs, lighting fire poi and each student will have an opportunity to spin fire poi and practice being a fire safety person for other students.

Students must have a working knowledge of poi and have either taken the Beginner Poi Moves Class or performed competently for one of the certified Temple of Poi instructors. 

Course Overview

Each of the classes meets for 80 minutes, one time per week. This is a four week series.

Class One

The first class in this series will discuss in detail on fire poi safety and various practices a beginner should be aware of. The instructor will refer you to written fire safety information for your reference allowing you to focus fully in class without needing to take notes. Topics covered will include: safe clothing, fuels, common practices, storing materials, and practical information fire poi dancers should be aware of. This class is a lecture based class.

Class Two

The second class in this series focuses on building a fire poi rig. The instructor will provide a list of parts the student must acquire in addition to the parts paid for in the course fee. Students may be exempt from building a fire poi rig if they already have one of their own and would therefore not need to pay the materials fee or acquire additional hardware for building the fire poi rig. Students are welcome to attend the class to learn the process even if they have a fire poi rig already.

Classes Three and Four

These two classes allow each student an opportunity to both spin fire poi and act as a fire safety person to other students spinning fire. Class three is structured so that each student can have a solo opportunity as both a safety person and fire performer, while class four allows for a "renegade burn" style of instruction.

Tuition and Materials

Students registering for the Beginner Poi Dance and Beginning Poi Fire Class Series receive a 23% discount when paying for both sessions at once. Regular tuition is $240 for both series when taken individually ($120 each) and the combined discounted tuition is $200.

In addition to tuition, this class also requires students purchase the materials for a fire poi rig and safety cloth ($80) if they do not already have equipment with which to spin fire.

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"Wow - so much poi so little time!"
~ A. Whaling; September, 2008

"I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to Poi. I spun fire for the first time last night and it was unlike anything I've ever experienced before: the radiance, the soft heat, the sound. I felt safe and relaxed, yet totally exhilarated. So thanks for giving me the opportunity."
~F. Bautista, returning student; April, 2005

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