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Instructor Certification

Temple of Poi has designed a training program accomodating two types of students. During the course weekend, coaches, artists and instructors may attend the first 12 hours of training in the Build Your Business Intensive and poi instructors -- from hobbists to professionals -- have an additional 12 hours of training geared specifically toward teachniques and practices for teaching poi more effectively.

Poi Instructor Certification

Build Your Business Intensive

Certified Temple of Poi Instructors

Meet Marilyn “Russian Wulfgar” Besasie located in Wisconsin.

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About Temple of Poi

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"Poi is definitely difficult to teach, it demands patience, grace, assertiveness, and constructive honesty every second of the class, which is no small feat. Isa Isaacs is the Jedi Knight of Poi teachers. A Poi Master and a true Grand Teacher in the arcane samurai sense. Some teachers learn how to teach while teaching---but Isa has taught over a 1000 students at her school, Temple of Poi, and she takes the art of teaching seriously...
Isa teaches by demonstrating the poi move, and then breaks it down into steps, the most difficult thing to do in Poi, knowing EXACTLY what ... you are doing, and being able to explain it. Even cooler, she hands out these cute little black books, so that you can write down the moves in her mathematical Poi shorthand.
I went into Intermediate Boot Camp, a weak-backed, weak-willed waif, with a stuttering arsenal of 3 beat weaves, but I came out 12 weeks later having learned; Spin and anti-spin flowers, Archer weaves, archer fountains, lock-outs, wiggle, barrel-rolls, transitions, and a move I am still learning...behind the back weave. "
~T. Harrison; May, 2007

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