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Build Your Business Intensive

Our Build Your Business Intensive is designed to assist artists, coaches and instructors a comprehensive foundation for running their business. The exercises help develop marketing, sales and business leadership skills, allowing you to make more money as an instructor. Through the discussions, lectures and practices, instructors will also learn more about what they are teaching and improve their teaching technique by actually doing the teaching and getting valuable feedback from other instructors.

Through our program, attendees will:

  • learn how to teach students more effectively
  • understand how to work with students more effectively
  • improve their communication with client's of all types
  • gain valuable resources to increase market visibility
  • understand how to earn more income through teaching
  • deepen their understanding of the student teacher dynamics
  • expand their ability to be in service to clients
  • have the tools necessary to start their teaching practice or expand their current practice to comfortably make more money while benefiting both their client and themselves


Course Overview

The intensive comes with an in depth manual and the course itself includes:

Day 1&2: Building Your Business

  • introductions
  • What is a business
  • Your Vision
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Mindsets for Business Success
  • Understanding Teacher Students Dynamics
  • Mindsets for Teaching Success

Day 2&3: Developing your Teaching Technique

  • review, Q&A
  • How we teach
  • How students learn
  • Client relations
Please note, to maximize everyone's experience, a limited number of seats are available for each course and to help those traveling from far, we will be offering the option for teleconference/videoconference (technology to be determined) to cut down on travel expenses. Please contact GlitterGirl (glittergirl <at> temple of poi daht com) before registering if you're interested in this option!


Attendees have three options for this course:

Part I is held Days 1&2: Build Your Business is appropriate for anyone looking to expand their business skills - as artists, coaches and instructors. The curriculum gives you a practical break down of how to run your business while helping you develop a deeper understanding of how to make money and do so comfortably without compromise to your art or integrity. This day long session is priced at $350.

Part II is held Days 2&3: Client/Teacher Dynamics is appropriate for instructors who wish to hone their skills by understanding how to work with different types of clients. Attendees will learn how to deepen relationships with their clients by expanding their ability to communicate with them. This day long session is priced at $350.

Full Training is heldDays 1 thru 3 can be purchased for a discount of $600.


Register Now for the April 8-10, 2010 Instructor Certification Course being offered in San Francisco. The course will be held at our Main Studio. Tuition does not include food, travel or housing. Day 1 will be held April 8: 4-8 pm (fire jam directly following); Day 2 will be held April 9: 11am - around 5 PM for part I and until 7 pm for people attending all three days; Day 3 will be held April 10 from 11 - about 4 pm (though plan for 5 in case we run a little over).

To register, please pay the non-refundable $200 deposit. Tuition balance can be paid here though we prefer the balance in cash upon arrival at the course. Payment plans are availaable; please contact us for details.

All payments are non refundable but may be transferred up to 7 calendar days before the start of the class.

Class options:
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About Temple of Poi

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"Even as the owner of a successful business, I gained excellent insight in hearing how Isa interacts with students, coming from a generous place of supporting the success of the students. Isa is a masterful teacher."
~Miss Rosie, Chief Hooping Officer of Hero Hoops; October, 2008

"Even though I have been teaching for many years, it was very useful to be reminded of certain teaching techniques I already use, and to expand my knowledge of client/teacher relations. I particularly enjoyed learning various NLP presuppositions/lessons as well as ways to troubleshoot classroom challenges! Thank you isa for an informative & empowering experience."
~Kandice Korves-Kaus of Holistic Hooping; November, 2009

"After becoming so invested with this new art form, I decided to take the Business Building/Teacher Training Workshop. This workshop was equally as inspiring as the Fire Workshop, but provided me with an entirely new set of skills. We received an impressive binder filled with everything one would need to know in order to launch a new business, complete with thought provoking written exercises. The intimate nature of the class created a fantastic brainstorming environment. The workshop was less of a formal class and more of a discussion, making it very accessible, and, in the end, I walked away with some new friends!

As a college professor, I was unsure of what I could learn from the teaching portion of the workshop. I was surprised to discover a deeper understanding of how to be an effective teacher. We covered everything from general teacher/student interaction to very specific ways to lead a successful class such as using cadence with voice. The workshop was so inspiring for me and I learned so much, I felt confident approaching a local studio about teaching hoop lessons and starting my own hoop business.

Because of Isa and Temple of Poi, in eight months, I went from a novice hooper to a professional teacher and fire performer. Everything about my experience has been amazing! The amount of knowledge gained from each individual class is truly astounding. It continues to make me feel accomplished and confident. Isa has been more than generous with her time, going above and beyond what I would expect from a teacher. Her level of engagement with me as a student and her passion for the art form is unprecedented. I am grateful for everything I have gained from Isa, both physically (learning the hoop moves) and spiritually (discovering a new creative self), and I give Temple of Poi my highest recommendation to anyone interested."
~Sarah Starlight of Starlight Hoops; March 2010

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