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Hoopology Mix Hoop-ercise Fire Hoopology

This 80 minute session is a mixed level class teaching beginner and intermediate hoopers drills, exercises and tricks designed to improve their overall hoop performance flow. The instructor guides students through the learning process, breaking down the moves and offering analysis of hoop movement to reduce the learning curve.

Are you looking to have fun while you strengthen your body, tone your muscles and improve your balance? This 80 minute class combines hooping and stregth work to offer you a series of exercises focused on the conscious use of energy to improve your ability to move your body as well as develop your overall body awareness.

This hoopshop offers hoopologists the opportunity to create their own fire hoop, gain an understanding of how to safely fire hoop and to hoop with a fire hoop for the first time under the supervision of professional fire hoop performers and instructors.

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"As a complete hooping novice, I was timid about going into a class environment. The Temple of Poi's reputation of being the Bay Area's hotbed of firedance, poi and other flow arts further intimidated me. Looking back, this was foolish and unnecessary.
Classes are tailored for each individual's level and the kind and supportive environment not only encourages learning, but inspires how I treat myself in other non-hooping areas of my life. Instruction happens on two distinct levels: movements are conceptually broken down into its structural parts and a go-for-it, trial-and-error, playful atmosphere of learning by doing. I leave inspired by myself, by fellow classmates and Isa, the instructor."

~ S. Houghton; August, 2005

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