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GlitterGirl on Poi & Flow

Through ongoing education and practice, the Temple of Poi supports inspirational creativity, multi-dimensional complexity, meaningful distinctions and unending possibilities for each artist.

For me, poi is the single most powerful way I access flow. Flow emerges when I relax and open my body, being with things as they are, not as I might want them to be. Generating flow is especially important when I experience discomfort, fear, tightness and closure. When I am flowing, I simultaneously experience my body, mind and spirit connecting and creating the unique manifestation of my Self expression.

While working with students and poi artists, I seek to create an environment in which each person, regardless of skill level, can safely, comfortably and confidently explore their learning process. I facilitate the development of artist's Self expressive style while guiding them toward the unending possibilities present in the poi meditation. Inevitably, as the practice, expression and style crystallize, the artist gains deeper and more consistent access to flow.

Immersed in the marriage between the body and poi, flow blossoms within the artist. When the artist experiences flow, their poi become an extension of their spirit, connected seamlessly through the mind and body as the movements unfold almost effortlessly.

As artists access flow with increased consistency, their performances rely less and less on thought and more and more on unconscious movements that are so well practiced as to be as automatic as breathing.

I invite you to join us at the Temple of Poi where I gratefully live my purpose by cultivating increased body awareness and sustained flow.

- GlitterGirl


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"You make it safe for people to try new things and experiment. I like your philosophy of no "right way" of doing it. Thanks!"

~ S. King: May, 2004

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