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Temple of Poi Fire Dancing Expo - Free Performances in Union Square!


Soloist Preview:

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mN8Fx Preview:

DVD of Event on sale now!


Temple of Poi 2006 Fire Dancing Expo DVD

What: Temple of Poi Fire Dancing Expo
Where: Union Square (Geary and Post)
When: April 21, 2006 at 7:30 pm
Cost: Free!!

Bring a chair and a blanket and join us April 21, 2006 at 7:30 pm for our free fire dancing show in San Francisco's legendary Union Square (Geary and Post) for the first annual Temple of Poi Fire Dancing Expo. This 3 act show features solo performers in the first act, choreographed group performances the second act and the final act is a 30 minute show performed by GlitterGirl's innovative flow and fire performance troupe, mN8Fx, in their debut.

This is the first free and public event of its kind in San Francisco and represents a milestone in the fire arts community as the Expo celebrates safe, legally permitted, public fire dancing performance in honor of National Dance Week. Bay Area National Dance Week is an annual 10-day week of free public dance events in the Bay Area designed to showcase the dynamic diversity and critically acclaimed quality of Bay Area dance.

Temple of Poi supports this vision by creating an unprecedented opportunity to celebrate fire dancing at no cost to the artists or audience. This $2000 event is being finances fully by Temple of Poi and donations the community chooses to offer.

Come and watch performances by: Prisna, Sean, Josie, Slivy, Jennifer, Janis, Flash, Waldemar, Annika, Beautium, Heraclitus, Halo, Ping, Dave, DnA, Bad Kitties (Katie and Christina), Natural Fire (Waldemar, Lauren, Susan, Janett), Singed Wings (Eunice, Briana, Janina, Hari Gopal, Anthony), Liquid Fire (Jen, Sowelu, Jenny, Flo, Ian, Emo, Laura), Indian Sex Moan (Waldemar, Michelle, Lucas, Lacy, Robyn), FlowToys, Laurel & Spencer and enjoy Resonance, Sparky, Hunter, Herclitus, Lacy, Khan and GlitterGirl in mN8Fx's debut performance at 8:30 PM.

Directly following the event (9:30 PM) come and meet the artists who performed in the Expo at Cafe Infusion located at 829 Mission Street between 4th and 5th Streets in SF.

A DVD of this event will be available Summer 2006 and all proceeds will go to fund the event and future events of this kind. If you're interested in acquiring a DVD, please contact us here.

The Temple of Poi Fire Dancing Expo is an opportunity for Temple of Poi community artists at all levels of skill to perform publicly in San Francisco. This event is a not for profit event created with the intention of:

  • offering more performance opportunities for fire dancers
  • giving novice soloists who might otherwise not have an opportunity to perform in a public setting an opportunity where they can invite friends and family to see them express their art
  • offer groups inexperienced in performing an opportunity to show off their group choreography
  • increased exposure to the flow fire art forms by creating a legally permitted public event at a San Francisco landmark location
  • raise the awareness of fire dancing as a prestigious dance form by holding this event on the opening night of National Dance Week
  • showcase the temple of poi instructors and dance troupe

Special thanks to Matthew Freedman, our fantastic MC for the evening; Eunice Park, our incredible stage manager; our Flow Fairy's: Sowelu, Jennifer Grosser, Anna Stid, Aileen Lawlor, Mo Lyon; Sparky, for putting up the bond for the space; our fire safety people, especially Loren, without whom this would not be possible; mN8FX, for co-creating an amazing show with me; Prisna, whose grace, elegance and style of movement provided the inspiration to start spinning poi and subsequently the Temple; Amy Welker, for asking the right question to help me succeed; all my friends, family, students, teachers and community for your endless support; and Crimson Rose for reasons too numerous to mention.

We'd like to thank the following people for their generous fiscal donations: Sowelu, Terry Barker, the Watkins Family, Singed Wings, Sparky and those people in the audience who also gave donations the evening of the show.

You can view the entire press release here.


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"Last Thursday I spun fire and last Sunday I really played and danced with the poi for almost two hours. Overcoming challenges and feeling flow in my body has been one little ray of sunshine for me lately. So thank you."
~D. Shelton; April, 2006

"I was at the performance last night and I am totally excited about being part of the Temple of Poi. I was amazed. You all did an amazing job. All through the night I was like "I want to do that" "OH ... I want to do that too!"
~B. Kline; April, 2006

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