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Beginning Poi Fire Dancing Boot Camp

Course Overview

For those looking for a poi fire dancing emersion program starting from no skills and jumping to performance ready, consider this Beginning Poi Fire Dancing Boot Camp program. This 6 month program includes the following classes, workshops and materials:

How it Works

Over a period of roughly 6 months (some students complete in 5, some in 7 or 8, depending on the season of the year), students sign up for the classes above (by contacting GlitterGirl) as the classes become available and fit the student's schedule much like an a la carte menu. Regardless of how many courses are being attended a week or how quickly students complete the curriculum, payments are spread out over 6 months in even payments of $140. The first payment is via the link below and subsequent monthly payments are due in cash at the studio.

All classes are scheduled between 5 and 10 Monday thru Thursday (with a few possible exceptions) and all classes are held in our San Francisco studio. We work with our client's to create our class schedule in a way that works for them to the degree that this is possible.


Retail value of this program is $1055 but if you sign up for the full program, you receive a 20% discount of $215 with the full program costing $140 per month for 6 months.

As an added bonus, all students in the Boot Camp class may attend any additional Poilates I sessions with available spaces for $15 during the 26 week term of the Boot Camp Program. In addition, all flashcards sets may be purchased at a $5 discount

*Terms and Conditions... aka The Fine Print:

  • The first payment of $140 is due on line on or before the first day of the Beginner Moves class. Each additional payment of $140 is due in cash on the same of each consecutive month for the next 5 months.
  • Students may sign up for available classes from the class list in a 26 week period from the date of first class to fulfill the credits of this agreement.
  • Tuition does not include additional gear (practice poi are available for an additional $25), costumes, fuel, insurance and other expenses fire dancers may incur.
  • All payments are due even if students misses classes or drops the series.
  • Makeup sessions are available for an additional discounted fee of $25 to join a slot in an open class, $90/hour for a private session and $135/hour total for 2 -4 people; 1/2 private sessions may also be used as makeup sessions
  • Students who have registered for a Beginner Moves class in 2007 may transfer into the boot camp up until the 3rd night of class in the Beginner Moves series and apply their full class credit for the Beginner Moves to the boot camp tuition.
  • This program price may not be combined with any other discounts
  • Students signing up for this program will receive the Fundamentals Flash cards (given as part of the Cultivate workshop) and access to the Computer Based Training Program for Beginners during their Beginner Moves Class
  • students must sign a contract agreeing to these terms
  • As with college, if students miss a session unexpectedly (i.e., sickness, emergency, airport delay, etc.) the class continues with out them


Please note all payments are non refundable and nontransferable.

Phone Number:



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"Thank you much for everything so far. I really have fallen in love with class and practicing poi in general. I am extremely grateful the Temple of Poi exist - so thank you for doing what you love!"
~ A. Whaling; August, 2008

"I have been practicing and I am loving poi!!! "
~ L. Amrein; September, 2008

"I had been wanting to learn how to spin with poi for years. I couldn't believe it when I moved to San Francisco and found a school that actually gives classes and instructions on how to spin poi and eventually spin fire!!!  Of course I had no idea how to spin fire or what to expect.  Learning something new can be a so frustrating and uncomfortable. To my relief, the classes were small and judgment free - a perfect learning space.  I have been going now for three months and the experience has been incredible. the instructors are not only great people and amazing artists, they are incredibly knowledgeable and have the ability to guide you into a move and conceptualize it.  I learn at least 4 or 5 moves every class!! In no time at all, I was connecting them all together and spinning with fire. If you have ever wanted to learn or practice the art of poi, this is the place!"
~ J. Weiler; June 2007

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