22 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Practice

After 12+ years of spinning things around, I’ve noticed that practice, like the tide, ebbs and flows. Sometimes you’re in over your head feeling swept away in it and other times, you’re not feeling connected to your practice. If you’re looking for some ideas on how to rejuvenate your practice and give yourself an injection of inspiration, here are just 22 ideas from our class “122 Ways To Revitalize Your Practice” available on line via PDF.

    1. Put your focus on your posture rather than spinning
    2. Play a game in your practice where you only use opposite direction moves
    3. Go watch a sunrise or sunset and appreciate the majesty of life around you
    4. Pick a layer of the “7 Layer Dip” and focus on that in your next practice
    5. Teach someone else a move you just learned
    6. Cross train (with a non flow arts activity)
    7. Makea specific, time limited commitment to your practice — i.e., 5 minutes a day for 55 days.
    8. Create a flow video
    9. Call one of your spin buddies and play
    10. Foster this mindset: Accept your practice where it is (and where it is not), as it is in this moment
    11. Shop for music to spin to
    12. Review your accomplishments
    13. Set new goals
    14. Step away from your practice for a specific period of time, i.e., stop practicing for 7 days
    15. Watch an old video of you and compareyourcurrent execution to your past performance
    16. Give away a toy
    17. Perform for a friend as a gift
    18. Complete this sentence with as many endings as possible in 3 minutes and review your answers: “When I flow I…”
    19. Practice facial expressions in the mirror
    20. Change how you see yourself: If you generally use a mirror, practice without one and vice versa.
    21. Laugh
    22. Set up Google alert using search criteria that will deliver inspiring web content to your inbox

If you’re looking for more ideas and you’d like to support us creating a handy dandy tool for assisting you in finding inspiration, you can purchase the 4 page PDF packed full of games, ideas, drills, techniques, diagrams, practices and more using this link.