Playlist: GlitterGirl’s Summer 2010 Psy Chill Practice Playlist – Part I

Music to Flow toThis Psy chill playlist leads with a funky grove from Underpoets, followed by the haunting track “Sympath” with it’s slow opening and long build. It breaks out into a bit more of a beat at nearly 3 minutes into the song, which leads well into the 3rd track of this playlist by the Funky Lowlives. This is the first of two tracks from this group on this album brings in a beat reminiscent of latin music. Tripswitch brings in track 4 with Viscous which starts out slowly and builds to a faster tempo building by mid song to a psytrance track that’s fun and dancey. “Heaven or Hell” off the same titled album slows it down again with track 5, another haunting psy-chill track with some progressive flavors. DJ Destruction with “Sweet Tempered Asonance” comes in with this haunting track with broken beats just before the Funky Lowlives return with their second appearance on this playlist bringing us a great love song, “Inside.” “Silver Froth” with it’s lounge beats and warm tones is second to last on this playlist with “Spiritual Spy” closing things out. You can sample the music and buy legal copies with this iTunes Playlist.

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