Playlist: GlitterGirl’s Summer 2010 Psy Dub Lounge Practice Playlist – Part II

Music to Flow to

Starting off this 11 track playlist is a deep lounge track called “Stretch Marks” followed by Kaya Project’s light and fun “65 Percent” track. Kick Bong delivers some haunting sounds and a sweet buildup in track 3, “Landscape (cydelix remix)”. “Arachnoid Dub” brings things to a different level with a bit more psychedelic and deep sounds followed by “Bud Luvin’” with a much more chill sound. This track is especially great for tech poi and slow moving work. With a little more dub sound, Bluetech delivers track 6 and that’s followed up with the deep sound of “Dubterrania” which reminds me of Phutureprimative. Morphonix brings us “Fuzz Machine” with a more glitchy-dub sound for track 8. then Drum Druid brings a more dancey track with “Last Summer Dub”. “Glacier (Genuine Mix)” brings a more ethereal sound and “Cassidian Beast” closes out the playlist with this lounge track. You can sample the music and purchase legal copies with this iTunes Playlist.

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