Mixed Level Fan Class Series!

Course Overview

This 4 week course is a mixed level fan class designed to help near beginners through professionals improve both their technique as well as their flow between moves and patterns. This series will focus on various fan techniques including:

  • stall combinations
  • isolations
  • twirling
  • folding
  • ‘s’ patterns
  • atomics
  • and more!

Each class will present different technique concepts as well as using the technique in a combination so artists can integrate the movements more rapidly into their dance flow.


Students must have their own fans. GlitterGirl will be teaching using these fans and recommends you use them as well (and please use this link here so she gets a referral credit!).

Many of the patterns we will be working with require full protection for the arms and arm pits. While we will not be doing these with fire in the class, students should be aware of this for costume safety purposes.

This class series uses twirling of the fans on the inside plane extensively. If you are not using the fans GlitterGirl recommends, be sure you can twirl your fans between your arms.

As always, we will teach the series for the students in the class. Advanced students will be presented more/different information and beginning students will be presented what makes sense for their level. We invite all students to appreciate all stages of the flow journey through interaction in this communal environment.

Tuition is $120 for all 4 sessions. Register now with your non refundable $60 deposit (can be transferred with 8+ days notice to a different session) and bring the balance of $60 in cash the first night of class. Note: Students participating in the Intermediate Boot Camp may use this as 4 credits on their boot camp.

Next Series is Wednesday nights from 8-9:20 PM starting July 27 and running for 4 week.


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photo credit: (c) 2011 Fototaker.com