Poi Flow Combo

Here’s a quick review of the combo we did in class the other night. What really struck me was that for all the time I’ve been doing barrel rolls and front plane flowers, I never thought to combine these two (the first two of the combo below) as I did the other night. Enjoy!


  • counter clockwise antispin front plane flower
  • counter clockwise barrel roll
  • up and drop stalls
  • 2 petal over hand flower (at top and bottom)
  • long arm pendulums
  • opposite (split) direction buzz saw
  • archer weave, overhand (clockwise on Right, right arm extended)

The photo below outlines the full combination. Note the symbols with the circle and triangle represent the direction the body is facing. Imagine this as a top down view with the circle representing the head and the triangle representing the nose. Therefore, a triangle up is looking at the audience, to the left with the artist facing the left side, to the bottom with the artist facing away from the audience and to the right facing the right side.

You can see both a back view and front view of the combination in the video here as well. Please note this video represents the moves in order, not performed with dance flow and style. :)