Footage and Pictures from the 2011 Fire Dancing Expo

If you weren’t at the 2011 Fire Dancing Expo, here’s an opportunity to take a look at some of the photos and videos that were put out there for the show! There’s a long list of the photo sets, many of which are on Facebook, that we’ve uncovered as well as a list of some public videos we found on YouTube and Vimeo.

Meanwhile, here’s some fun performances from Temple of Poi. First up is this performance by Temple of Poi Students Ty and Ramsey of Shakawkaw who starting spinning 14 months ago and have worked diligently ever since to grow their skills and learn this amazing choreography.

Here’s a clip of Temple of Poi Founder, GlitterGirl, getting down to some Ronald Jenkee’s.

Temple of Poi Alumni, Brenda and Becky of R&B bring you their fan choreography set to some hot Bond music.

And here’s a clip of GlitterGirl’s Partner Poi co-instructor, The Amazing Zihni, in his premier performance in Union Square