How To Make Your Performance Shine!

Hey! GlitterGirl here!

I was having a conversation with someone who is getting on the Union Square stage for the first time next week and I said something to him I thought would be valuable to share with other performers, especially new ones. For those of you who have lots of experience, I’m sure you know this — sorry to bore you. ;)

For the rest of you, it is my belief that you will have the best performance (in every context) if you:

  1. declare yourself worthy of being seen as a performer;
  2. believe that declaration from balls to bones (to quote The Oracle in The Matrix);
  3. yourself permission to shine on that stage knowing that your time slot is for you;
  4. bring the only thing to the performance you can bring: your best in that moment;
  5. trust that however the performance unfolds will be exactly perfect even if there are mistakes by some standard;
  6. and remember that even if you find it overwhelming/surprising/shocking you would have an opportunity to perform, the reality is, there is something you’re bringing to the stage that no one else on planet earth ever can or will be able to bring: YOU!

Shine on artists!





photo credit: David Yu