Poi Video Lesson: Behind the Back Weave

Finally this 15 minute lesson is available to help you spin poi with the addition of the underhand behind the back weave. This footage was shot live during a 4 week poi class series at Temple of Poi headquarters in San Francisco. Unfortunately, due to some data corruption caused when the original hard drive storing the footage failed and was recovered. This then caused issues in the rendering of the final video which could not be avoided. Pixilation and green screens appear for 1-4 seconds at various points in the lesson, creating more of an annoyance than a problem with comprehending the lesson plan. We are therefore selling the video *as is*, with rendering issues and all, for 50% off the regular price of $6 bringing the discounted total to $3.

(Note: You can follow the same drills and basic instruction to do the overhand weave behind the back also.)