Poi Lesson: Advanced Combo One Minute Lesson

Last week, we created this combination for one of our advanced students registered in our remote coaching classes (the perfect solution for non San Francisco Bay Area students who want more customized and/or structured guidance than videos alone!).  This poi lesson is a combination designed for artists looking for some fun and different transitions between some easier moves as well as some more advanced patterns. Here’s a run down of the moves in the combination and the time code for them listed in order. Please note directions are listed from artists perspective looking forwards for front/back plane; below for bottom/top plane; and on the home (L on L, R on R) side for side plane (wheel plane):

  • counter clockwise front plane CAP [0:00]
  • over the head weave turn around left and right [0:04]
  • weave fountain starting on the left [0:09]
  • meltdown, counterclockwise [0:11]; [0:15]
  • behind the back CAP (starting on front plane in) counter clockwise [0:13]; [0:17]; [0:20]; [0:23]
  • long arm extensions in a left turn [0:18]
  • behind the back CAP (starting on front plane in) clockwise [0:21];[0:24]
  • front plane CAP clockwise [0:26]
  • front plane spiral, clockwise [0:26]
  • hip reel/pin wheel combination with right hand going under the leg [0:29]
  • left stall behind the head [0:31]
  • overhand opposite butterfly [0:32]
  • overhand opposite crosser [0:33]
  • over the shoulder split direction turn around left [0:35] and right [0:36]
  • left stall crossed on right side plane [0:39]
  • snail (2×1 home hand + 5 beat weave transition) turnaround turning right [0:39]
  • counter clockwise front plane CAP [0:45]
  • counter clockwise front plane spiral [0:46]

Please note, this video demonstrates the video one time through without a break down for each transition. For more detailed instruction on this or other in other areas (customized choreography, combos, moves, instructor coaching and more), contact us now to set up your own remote coaching sessions.  Email glittergirl [at] templeofpoi [dauht] com for details and a free consultation to see if our program is right for you. :)