Poi Dancing Lessons Available on Video – Beginner Dance Class Series

If  you need more flow between your basic poi moves or you’ve enjoyed the Beginner Poi Moves Video Lessons and want to take your practice to the next level, consider the Beginner Poi Dance Video Lessons. This class series, with nearly an hour of curriculum, is designed for beginning and advanced beginning artists who know a few moves and want to begin transitioning between them. The 10 videos focus on:

  • same direction transitions
  • butterfly turns
  • hip reels
  • transitions between same and split direction using stalls
  • performance and practice theory
  • lecture notes
  • follow-the-leader reviews

You can buy the videos individually and buy only what you need, purchase them by class, or get them all for a 55% savings by purchasing the whole bundle! These sessions were filmed live at Temple of Poi headquarters in San Francisco and were then edited to remove redundant drills for maximum density of information in the video content.

Video Time Description Cost Buy
Part I 8:08 transitions between pinwheels and weaves $10
Part II 8:23 lecture notes for Parts I and III $10
Part III 6:30 weave to weave transitions $8
Part IV 6:50 lecture notes: performance & practice theory for newer artists $8
Class I 29:51 Parts I, II, III & IV $25
Part V 8:12 split direction review & butterfly turnarounds $10
Part VI 2:44 hip reels $3
Part VII 1:10 split direction follow the leader review $2
Part VIII 2:20 transitions between same and split direction $3
Part IX 9:42 lecture notes describing the material covered in parts V-VIII $10
Part X 2:51 follow the leader sequence reviewing parts I-IX $3
Class 2 26:57 Parts V, VI, VII, VIII, IX & X $25
Series 56:48 Classes 1 & 2 $30

Preview the video with the link below.