Purchase Poi Video Lessons

In addition to the free video lessons we offer at Temple of Poi through our various free video podcasts, for a nominal fee, we also offer video class lessons for students interested in more detailed, step-by-step instructions. These options include:
PoiGeek Archer DVD or the Beginner Poi Moves class series (1300 videos on 70 web pages) as well as a growing library of Intermediate and Advanced Poi lessons broken down in a step by step manner to ensure student comprehension.

  • The PoiGeek Archer DVD presents 2 hours of material offering detailed instruction on integrating long arm extensions with the weave and several variations and turns using this move.
  • The Beginner Poi Moves Class Videos are useful for new poi spinners interested in getting a comprehensive understanding of how the poi move relative to the body and each other. This comprehensive class series is comprised of 70 web pages and over 1300 individual video clips. 
  • The Beginner Poi Dance Class videos are useful for advanced beginning students who have basic moves down (weaves, pinwheels, butterfly) and want to begin transitioning between them smoothly while also understanding the basics of how to become a performer.
  • After you’ve mastered the beginner moves and want to enhance your repertoire, look at these Intermediate and Advanced Poi lessons available for download.