Buy Poi, Hoop, Staff and Fans Fire, Practice and LED (light)!


These are the fun fire dancing & flow tools we use and recommend for purchase. We use different vendors for different tools because we’ve looked around and prefer hoops from Cosmic Fire, Staves and Fans from Trick Concepts and Poi from Fire Mecca. Of course, our light tools are mostly from FlowToys.

Poi Staff Hoop
Practice Poi

Water Poi
Fire Poi
Silk Flag Poi
Fire Staff
Light Staff
Plain Practice Hoops
Decorated Hoops
Fire Hoops for Beginners
Fire Hoops for Professionals
Mini Fire Hoops
Quick Wicks (turn any hoop into a fire hoop!)
Fire Dancing Tools
LED Tools
Practice & Flags
fire hoop
fire poi

fire staff

fire double staff

fire fans (tech: fast & hot)

fire fans (tribal)
ogg poi
double staves

crystal poi

long staff


practice poi
flag poi

featured photo: Fototaker Tony
on this page: from Dolores Park Meetup, fall 2009