Flowology Articles

This section of the Temple of Poi Site is dedicated to ideas,
concepts, attitudes, structures and other helpful information
that can assist you in enhancing your relationship with your flow

*** Please note: Articles dating past January 1, 2009 can be found on the Temple of Poi Blog.

Body Mind Spirit
to Core (Fall, 2004)
– your core muscles can help your
poi practice

Core Exercises (Fall, 2004) – some
information on core exercises

Flexibility and Tools (Fall,
- developing more skill with varied tools

Weight as a Measure (Spring,
– Fat v. fit

Dancing Geeks (October, 2008) – poi as a visual instrument of the music

- July, 2006

Flow Journals (Fall 2004)-
record your history

Temple of Poi Mindset (Winter, 2005)
- summary of our recommended attitudinal approach to your

Benefits of Poi (Summer, 2004)
- list of various mental, physical and spiritual benefits
gained through poi

the flow rEvolution (Winter, 2005)
– discussing the
impact our individual journey has on the community as a

Self Expression (Winter, 2005)
- the fundamental tenant of the Temple of Poi Community

Instructor’s Creed (Spring, 2004)
- summary of the attitudinal approach from which our instructors

GlitterGirl on Poi and Flow
(Winter, 2002)
– GlitterGirl’s perspective of the journey
towards poi flow

Technical Performance Resources
5 Tips for Improving Your (Poi Fire Dancing) Flow (September, 2008) – outlines 5 must have techniques you can use to add more flow to your practice.

Poi Holarchy
(Spring, 2004)
– introduction to the structure of poi
[under construction]

Concentrations (Winter, 2005)
- understanding how to study to allow for ongoing development

3 Second Rule (Summer, 2004)
- initial measure of performance flow

Performance Tips (Spring, 2005)
- some practical ways to improve your style

What’s the difference between
Fire Dancing, Fire Spinning, Fire Twirling and Fire Performance?
(October, 2006)

7 Layer Dip: an intro (updated October 2008) – the beginning of a series of articles describing the 7 Layer Dip model for understanding how to create and evolve ourselves as poi dance performance artists.

7 Layer Dip: skills (October, 2008) – a deeper look at the first layer of the 7 Layer Dip

7 Layer Dip: height (November, 2008) – a deeper look at the second layer of the 7 Layer Dip

Tribe Posts

7 Layer Dip -an intro – March, 2008

7 Layer Dip – size – March, 2008

Poi Lesson on Butterfly
Weave/Impossible Weave
– July, 2006

Dancing Lessons
– October, 2006

2 Mindsets Every Performer Needs to Know About (October, 2008) – offers two useful attitudes to take on to help artists embrace their performance results

Checklist for Flow Performers (September, 2008)
– offers
a must have checklist of items to bring to your gigs

How to get into the flow! GlitterGirl raps about flowology…

featured photo: David Yu