Fire Hoop Dancing – Fire Hoopology

The Fire Hoopology class is a 2 class series divided into two parts:

Part I: Fire Hoop Safety

Part II: Burning your toy

Part I

After building or buying your tool, be sure to be safe! This section offers hoopers the opportunity to learn how to enjoy fire hooping safely by understanding common safety practices including:

  • information about fuel choices
  • common fire safety practice
  • fuel transportation
  • fire permitting and insurance
  • and more!

Part II

You have your toy and you know how to be safe, so why not light it up with supervision from professional fire performers and instructors, guiding you through your first hoop burn. Your first class will have you lighting and extinguishing your hoop so you know you can put out the fire and you know exactly how to do it. Then you will practice for the remaining part of the two sessions actually spinning the hoop on fire and performing fire safety for other fire dancers.

All sales are final; No refunds given; Tuition is forfeit if student does not show; Class may be rescheduled with 8+ days notice or student may transfer registration fee to a replacement student. By registering here, students are paying a deposit with the balance due, in cash, the first night of the series.

First night of series:
featured photo: Ida Gambon