Playlist: Psybient Spring 2010 Glitter Mix (Part 1)

It’s always fun finding new tracks. Here’s a fun review of the latest iMix I put together for my flow practice. Hope you enjoy it too!

Music to Poi toThis started out as an exploration into psy-chill/psy-ambient tracks to spin flow toys to. Synsun is a completely new find and in a sense, all these tracks stemmed from finding them through some streaming channel a few weeks ago and a successful “shazam” on my iPhone to capture their name. The rest came through hours of Genius recommendations and then scouring the possible results for some tracks that have a little bit of beat, some fun sounds, a journey and not too high of a tempo. To open the mix, ‘Tataria’ has some driving bass sounds and a nice slow tempo, leading to the more psychedelic sounds ‘Star Peace’ opens into even though about a minute in, the track resolves into a much softer set of sounds with some clear psychedelic influences and what seems like a Latin guitar riff that follows. ‘Silver’ has a super chill quality to it for the first 3 minutes which then leads into a beat that, while slow in tempo, drives the track the rest of the way through. ‘Perfect on Sunday’ also opens with an ethereal drive to it, but the beat comes in around 90seconds into the track and has more of a broken quality to it than a typical 4 on the floor sound. It is also coupled with some really fun but not too obvious psychedelic sounds. ‘Deeper’ has a haunting Bjork like voice opening the track that leads into a bit of a grittier and funky beat later that couples with the voice. ‘Love and Peak’ has some fun sounds that run throughout the track with a slow build though relatively mellow drive throughout. This one is a bit higher in the register than the other tracks before it. ’2 Seasons’ reminds me of how I felt about the ‘Miami Vice’ theme song when it first came out — uplifting and unexpected. The sounds in this track may be the most ‘normal’ of the whole iMix. Closing the iMix are ‘Indigo’ which is probably the most up beat in the group with ‘Sideways’ likely coming in close to the same beat. You may also enjoy Part II and Part III of this playlist series. You can sample these tracks and purchase legal copies through this iTunes Playlist.