Artist Profile: Las Piratas del Fuego

Today’s afternoon article features the profile of Las Piratas del Fuego, the explosive partnership of Wolf Bukiet and Madamn Burnz .Temple of Poi Fire Dancing Expo 2010

Featuring two of New York’s most scandalous pyrotic artists, this Pele-worshiping collaboration circumnavigates cultures and continents igniting the seven senses and freaking people out. After spending years burning each other on special occasions, the two combined forces to burn each other full time in a whirlwind Mexico tour, and thus was born Las Piratas Del Fuego.

As individuals Wolf Bukiet and Madamn Burnz lead lives of diverse fiery antics. Wolf splits her time between accompanying women on the shamanic journey of human creation and seeing how long she can hold burning torches in her mouth. She spends most of her time in a flamboyant blue gypsy van where she reads obstetrics textbooks and creates useful items out of exotic animal skins and cannibalized belly dance gear.

Temple of Poi Fire Dancing Expo 2010

After expulsion from Transylvania during the gothic underground, Madamn Burnz scourers the Earth in search of abandoned planks of wood to paint and a spot to hang her purple silk. She serves Pele daily through her fiery innovation, Promethean Healing balancing and empowering the Manipura chakras of strangers and dedicated clients in various clandestine locations across the continent of North America. Whether walking through coals, consuming meter high flames or breathing dragon balls of fire, this acrobatic, performance artist and healer is surely the madamn of fire.

Temple of Poi Fire Dancing Expo 2010 This dynamic duo is currently rocking and shocking la frontera in El Paso, Texas. With their trademark gypsy-pirate style and superhuman fire powers, the hobofabulous pair is working to set the world on fire.