Episode 1: How to Become a Professional Fire Dancing Performer Podcast

Are you new to performing as a fire dancing artist and looking for the scoop on how to get started, get gigs, price gigs, advertise and do everything else associated with the business part of becoming a performer? If so, this podcast series is a great place to start.

Burgeoning hoop artist and instructor Keely Beyries took some time with GlitterGirl in the studio to film this interview where Keely and Isa discussed the journey to become a professional fire dancing artist in 2010 and beyond. The first episode outlines GlitterGirl’s start, including the story of her fun and incredibly low paid first professional gig.  Enjoy this episode and stay tuned here for the other 10 episodes which we’ll release in the coming weeks.


View the other episodes here. [Unhighlighted links are episodes that are coming soon and are not yet published.]

Video Time Description Details
Part I 5:30 GlitterGirl’s beginnings as a Professional Fire Dancer Episode 1
Part II 8:06 Do’s and Don’t's of performing Episode 2
Part III 7:35 Pricing your Performance Episode 3
Part IV 3:00 Selecting Your Music Episode 4
Part V 6:47 Promoting Yourself As a Performer Episode 5
Part VI 5:51 Creating And Maintaining A Website Episode 6
Part VII 8:54 Engaging Your Audience Episode 7
Part VIII 4:00 What To Do When you Arrive at your Gig Episode 8
Part IX 6:52 Client Relationships Episode 9
Part X 5:23 How You Know When to Go Pro Episode 10
Part XI 5:39 Exploring Your Performance Personna Episode 11