New Spin Out Technique for SF Permitted Events

In an effort to be even more environmentally friendly and accommodate all types of tools, here’s the new Temple of Poi spin out technique for permitted events (a version based on what I used with Pyrotechniq when we were in the Bahamas) that required no dry wall and meets SFFD regulations (best as I understand them).

The fuel area:
All dipping buckets and catch buckets are placed on top of trays (aluminum trays with a lip on them) so that any excess fuel does not contaminate the surface underneath. All fuel can be recycled to the buckets by pouring them back in; thus, it is ideal to have two trays under each bucket — one to recycle, one to catch recycled fuel. These are then disposed of after the show.

Spin out:
Each tool is placed in a baggie and then spun out. The baggies are ziplocked closed and, in as much as possible, hold only the wick so the fuel does not splatter on the rest of the tool. Large/unusual size tools (like swords) can use garbage bags if necessary, though, generally, squirt bottle application not requiring spin out is best. After the tool is spun out, the excess fuel then gets recycled to the bucket.

Process for each tool:
Fans and hoops get one ziplock baggie for each wick. Best to use sandwich baggies for these. All of these can be applied at once and the tool can then be spun out.

Poi (rope dart and meteor) heads can both be put into a 1 gallon ziplock and spun out at the same time. Some poi ropes might require a 2 gallon ziplock, depending on the size.

Staves should be handled one head at a time, or, if you’re doing double, 1 head of each double at a time. Attach the ziplock bag to the head (1 quart to 1 gallon, depending on the size of the head(s)), close it as much as possible. Then, grabbing the staff from the other *non fueled* end, whip it around like a baseball bat several times to get the excess fuel to spin into the zip lock baggie. Recycle fuel, dip other end, and repeat.

What you’ll need (all of which can acquired at Safeway or Costco or something like that):
- 1 box sandwich baggies
- 1 box 1 quart baggies
- 1 box 1 gallon baggies
- 1 box 2 gallon baggies
- possibly tall kitchen bags, depending on tools. Highly recommended use squirt bottles not dipping method.
- 2 catch trays per dipping bucket (therefore, 5 buckets needs 10 tray)