GlitterGirl in the Bahamas (June 2009)

Here’s a set from the Bahamas when we were doing an impromptu performance after our real performance got canceled because of weather. I had hurt my knee — you can even see the bandage under my pants on my left leg — so it, sadly, impacted the quality of the set. I like the set, but more because it was fun to be there with my Pyrotechniq friends than because the set was super amazing although I think this was the first set in which I performed front/back CAPS (where one hand stayed in front doing the cap while the other stayed in back, using side planes). It was also fairly early on in my use of the front plane CAP combinations and the behind the head double stall barrel roll combination. And I also think the premier of the 2 petal split direction flower turn around I do in there toward the end. It felt solid on a lot of levels, but I was hurting and limping while performing which really wasn’t the most fun.


Please note, sometimes you have to wait for the video to load to see the video even though you can hear the soundtrack. Also note you can get this on the Temple of Poi PodCast for GlitterGirl’s Practice and Performance videos.