2007 Expo Footage: Invisible Best Friend

Continuing in the series of videos that we’ve finally managed to get up on the internet from the 2007 show, we bring you the Invisible Best Friend student performance. As with the other footage from this show, the original footage was corrupt so we were not able to resurrect a high quality copy of the video.

Enjoy as Becky, Brenda, Cathy, Lara, Melinda & Sarah perform with their Invisible Best Friend Michael (who was originally supposed to perform with them in the piece but broke his leg so was unable to participate) at the Temple of Poi 2007 Fire Dancing Expo held in San Francisco’s landmark, Union Square. The original video was shot in April of 2007 as part of National Dance Week at the 2nd Annual Fire Dancing Expo.

Editors Note: July 18, 2010: Unfortunately, due to the web site getting hacked and an unforeseen deletion of the video as well as a failed backup drive, the video for this combination is no longer available on our site. If you have a copy of a file titled 20090115IntICombo-iPhone.m4v, please contact us so we can re-upload it.