Advanced/Intermediate Poi Turn Class

Temple of Poi is pleased to announce the new Advanced & Advanced Intermediate Poi Turn Class, Intermediate IIIT: Turns (for Poi) with this class preview video at the bottom of this post. This 4 week course will be presented in August for its first offering.

During the series, we will use swivels, half turns (90 degrees), turns (180 degrees) and turn arounds (360 degrees) as well as practicing movement with different turn patterns. The material for the class will be customized depending on the skill level of the students attending. This means each class series will be unique and students will benefit from attending the series more than once because as their skill expands, the complexity of the turn combinations will also expand. Depending on the skill level of the students, we will cover combinations using some of these moves:

  • weaves
  • 5 beat weaves
  • behind the back weaves
  • crossers
  • hugs
  • butterflies
  • hip reels
  • pinwheels
  • buzzsaws
  • stalls
  • lockouts
  • 2 petal flowers
  • 4 petal flowers
  • sweeps
  • antispin flowers with extensions
  • giants
  • under the leg combinations
  • barrel rolls
  • jedi stalls
  • Details and registration can be found on the course page. The first class offering will begin August 4, 2009 at 8 pm. If you can not attend all 4 weeks, contact us to arrange for drop in. Due to limited class size, advanced registration is required, even for students only attending one night.