Apologies to Alien Jon

There seems to be some confusion that GlitterGirl inadvertently Alien Jon at Temple of Poi Fire Dancing Expobrought about with respect to Alien Jon’s home town. As Jon has pointed out, he is highly nomadic and his home has been various places around the world, though centric in the USA. At the Temple of Poi 2009 Fire Dancing Expo, our fabulous emcees announced Jon was from Seattle which was due to an error on GlitterGirl’s part in the cue card. This is an inaccurate statement and we’d like to extend our deepest apologies to Jon and anyone else for this confusion and misrepresentation. Jon’s request follows:

Can you issue statements to anyone you find releasing media with the miss-information that I am not from Seattle. Where possible I’d like them to just remove it. Since I have been nomadic for 5 years, it is better not to list “where I’m from”, which is a highly time scale dependent thing.