Additional Classes in Chicago

Due to unexpectedly wonderful circumstances, GlitterGirl will remain in Chicago for 2 additional weeks. At this time, she is looking at offering some great classes for some low prices. These classes will be practice sessions to learn the moves/patterns/combos/concepts indicated in the session descriptions. If you’re interested in attending these sessions, please contact her directly to let her know — her doing these sessions is contingent on enough interest in the community. Unless otherwise noted, sessions would be 1 hour for $15 each or 2 sessions for $25.

Session 1 (5.20.09, 6:45 pm): Split direction wall plane work: drilling split direction flowers in spin, in anti spin, work on flower swivels, single petal flower swivel (we did this in Saturday’s session but not Sunday’s), split direction buzzsaw with extensions and jedi stall combination.

Session 2 (5.20.09, 7:45 pm): Stalls: drilling all forms of stall combinations in split time, single hand stalls, over the shoulder drop stalls, under the leg stalls with walking, organized chaos patterns (this is the butterfly stall combinations in split time) (as many of them as we can cover — there are about 9 of them I have distinguished

Session 3 (5.26.09, 6:45 pm): Under the Leg transition: all forms of patterns of moving the poi under the leg from front to back, from back to front, with the left hand, with the right hand, while turning and with kicks.

Session 4 (5.21.09, 6:45 pm, weather permitting – outdoor at same space as Combustion Thursday): Follow the leader for Advanced beginners: this session is simply focused on you doing what I say “Simon says style” (we did this Sunday not Saturday) using the transitions I create and drilling, drilling, drilling the combination so you get these transitions into your body. This will move at a slower pace for lesser skilled students or for students who simply want to memorize the combination deeply.  We will write the combination down.

Session 5 (5.26.09, 7:45 pm): Follow the leader for Intermediate/advanced students: This session will follow the same format but will move at a faster pace using more complex movements, including behind the back and flower patterns we learned this weekend. Substitute moves will be recommended where students can’t do the base move. While we will drill, the intention with this session is to create as long a combination as possible rather than really nailing it in the session. We will write the combination down as part of the session.

Session 6 (5.27.09, 6:45 pm): Multibeats: as far as we can get with: 4 beat corkscrews in both clockwise and counterclockwise and 5 beat weaves in overhand and underhand. For those who know these moves, we will also focus on turning between these patterns.

Session 7 (5.27.09, 7:45 pm): Polyrhythmics: this class would focus on the fundamentals of rub-your-head-pat-your-belly patterns where one poi does more revolutions than the other in the same time interval. Patterns include the basics polyrhythmic drills, application in butterfly, weave and reel variations.

Session 8 (5.21.09, 7:45 pm, weather permitting – outdoor at same space as Combustion Thursday): Partner poi: this session I’m considering doing on Thursday night of this week prior to combustion Thursday at the same space where combustion Thursday happens (outdoor, weather permitting). This will focus on partner movements you can easily integrate into choreography (loose or formal).

In addition, GlitterGirl is considering holding a special Introduction to Poi Choreography 90 minute session (5.28.09, 6:45-8:15) for $20 which will focus on how to create choreography and work with music. This is geared toward artists who have any level of skill with poi and very little experience creating their own choreography.