What the Temple of Poi Fire Dancing Expo is Really About

The creation of this event – selected in 2009 for the 3rd consecutive year as one of Bay Area Dance Week’s Cornerstone events – is a tremendous leap in the efforts to legitimize fire dancing as an art form by taking it out of parking lots and putting it on landmark stages like Union Square with Fire Dancers lighting up the stage -- photo by David YuUnion Square. The Expo celebrates safe, legally permitted, public fire dancing performance in honor of National Dance Week, an annual 10-day week of free public dance events in the Bay Area designed to showcase the dynamic diversity and critically acclaimed quality of Bay Area dance.

Temple of Poi, the 3 time Best of the Bay winning San Francisco based dance school that in the 7 years since its inception has shared the art of fire dancing to thousands worldwide, supports this vision by creating an unprecedented opportunity to celebrate fire dancing at no cost to the artists or audience.

This event is a not-for-profit event created with the intention of:
-Offering more performance opportunities for fire dancers.
-Giving novice artists who might otherwise not have an opportunity to perform in a public setting an opportunity in which they can invite friends and family to see them express their art.
-Increased exposure to the flow of fire art forms by creating a legally permitted public event at a San Francisco landmark location.
-Raise the awareness of fire dancing as a prestigious dance form by holding this event on the second night of National Dance Week.

National Dance Week was founded in 1981 to increase awareness of dance and its contributions to our national culture. The first Bay Area National Dance Week (BANDW) festival grew out of a public dialogue in 1998, when dance artists, administrators, and organizations came together to explore how best to spotlight Bay Area dance during National Dance Week. The festival that emerged took a national initiative and imbued it with the innovative and inclusive spirit of the Bay Area. As the largest per capita center for dance in the US, the Bay Area’s festivities have been the most extensive and best attended celebrations in the country since BANDW’s inception. Each year, over 100 dance organizations and artists present events during Bay Area National Dance Week, involving more than 2,500 artists and 20,000 attendees.

On a personal note, I also put as much time, effort and fiscal support into this event as my way of giving back to the community as part of my personal credo of conscious capitalism and tithing 10% of my wealth back to the world around me.

Please join us for this free show on April 25, 2009 at 7:50 PM sharp!