Fire in Union Square

Blazing balls, staves, swords, fans and hula hoops will be dancing ecstatically around San Francisco’s Union Square, as dozens of choreographed fire-dancers perform in celebration of National Dance Week.  ”This will be the largest gathering of internationally renowned fire dancing artists ever assembled for a free, legal and public show in the Western Hemisphere – so far,” said Isa “GlitterGirl” Isaacs, event promoter.

Isa "GlitterGirl" Isaacs and James "Hunter" Riedy, artists appeared in Temple of Poi Fire Dancing ExpoThe Temple of Poi 2009 Fire Dancing Expo & 7 Year Anniversary is one of 15 free events selected as a Bay Area National Dance Week Corner Stone event – for the third consecutive year – and is also appearing on the Jewels in the Square city sponsored program.

Starting at 7:50 pm Saturday, April 25th, this 4th annual fire flow-arts spectacular will involve 2 hours of jaw-dropping fire performance created by international fire dancing legend’s from Scotland, Japan, France, Sweden and various cities in the US. The event also features 5 student acts from 3 time Best of the Bay winning San Francisco based dance school, Temple of Poi.

”Permits and personnel necessary to create this event costs over $2000 and most artists can’t afford that. The creation of this show is a tremendous leap forward in the efforts to legitimize fire dancing by creating the opportunity for artists to legally bring their work out of parking lots and share it on landmark stages like Union Square.” says Isa, founder of Temple Of Poi, celebrating 7 years the night of the show. Isa continues, “People experience an almost mesmerizing thrill as we weave and wrap our flaming toys around our bodies in a choreographed and synchronized dance.  It is an ecstatic celebration of beauty, human potential, and artistic expression.”

The art of fire-dancing has exploded in popularity in the last 5-7 years, partially fueled by the 50,000 plus yearly attendees to the annual, week-long Burning Man festival held in Nevada, in which fire-arts are celebrated.

Isa, or “GlitterGirl” as she is known to her peers, founded Temple Of Poi in 2002 to teach people how to spin the flaming poi as a way of unifying their body, mind, and spirit; combining dance, self-expression, and physical vitality. Students support their physical practice through mind expanding concepts delivered as 3 principles reverently called “The Flowology Mindset™.” “We’re facilitating an experience wherein practitioners discover how to free their creative juices and embody them through movement and we start by encouraging people to create the mindset that promotes fun,” said Isa.

“I have been fire dancing for about 4 years. I am currently taking a performance class which will culminate in a performance in San Francisco,” said student performer Susan “Tiger Lily” Drews Watkins who will be appearing in 3 student pieces on the 25th. “All training is done with safety as a priority for everyone; the fire classes are taught with thorough instruction on handling fire, fuels, tools, clothing, and procedures. It is really thrilling and beautiful to watch the fire fly while you move and dance!!”

Temple Of Poi dancers have wowed audiences at parties, corporate events, and community gatherings throughout Northern California, with Isa herself appearing internationally. In the 7 years since starting the school, over 1300 students have learned the art of fire dancing at Temple of Poi and thousands more worldwide share this opportunity through detailed online video courses on the Temple of Poi website.

Bring a chair and blanket and enjoy this free event suitable for all ages. Event details, artist photos, videos and biographies are available at:

Temple of Poi
953 Mission Street, Suite 11
San Francisco, CA 94103

Media Contact: Isa “GlitterGirl” Isaacs