Expo After Party

In celebration of all of the artists who generously donated their time and talent to the Expo, the 7 year anniversary of Temple of Poi, National Dance Week and with the intention of bringing together the flow and fire arts community and friends for a more intimate gathering, please join us for a fun-filled flowing afterparty being hosted by our friends at the Vulcan in the brand new dance space called “The Prop Box.”

This space is being generously donated by Ian Smith (with our gratitude and appreciation!) and he is asking for a small donation ($5-$10) at the door to help mitigate the cost of the brand new
sprung dance floor and raise money for theater curtains and mirrors.

No one turned away for lack of funds though we do request your conscious participation in this after party and follow some basic guidelines: treat the space as you would treat the best of homes you could imagine having; respect the space and each other; and in general, leave no trace.

Please bring whatever you’d like to share to help enjoy the party, though drinks will be available for a modest $3-$5 fee (all money goes to help fund The Prop Box).

Gathering starts after the show (10:45 PM) and runs till we can’t play any more. Bring friends, fans, fun, photographers, videographers, press and a positive attitude to:

The Prop Box
925 45th Ave.
oakland, ca 94601