Essay Used for Fire Permit Application

In case this is useful for anyone else in the community creating an event, I thought I would post it here. This is the final version of the essay we used to get the fire permit for the Temple of Poi 2009 Fire Dancing Expo.

Temple of Poi 2009 Fire Dancing Expo

This event will run from 7:50 pm to 10 pm.
We will have 25 acts and 47 performers.
Acts will use fire poi, staff, hoop, swords, fans and torches.

Fire Tool Description and Use:

Fire Poi:
Description: a ball of cotton and Kevlar wrapped around a bolt attached to a swivel then a chain and then a handle. Chains vary in length from 1.5-3 feet.
Use: poi are swung in circles, dragged across the body, wrapped around the body and sometimes (rarely) tossed and caught.

Fire Staff:
Description: a wooden or metal tube is connected on each end to Kevlar and cotton wicking that is bolted to the tool. Staves vary in length from 2 feet (often used as double batons) to 6 feet. Tubes may be straight or curved.
Use: staves may be used 1-4 at a time. They are spun around the body, rolled on the body, passed and sometimes (rarely) tossed and caught.

Fire Hoop:
Description: fire hoops are tubes that are made into circles that vary in diameter from 18 inches (for hand hooping) to 4 foot. Attached to the outside of the hoop are wicks — metal “poles” attached to the tubing that have wicks made of cotton and Kevlar that are bolted onto the poles. Hoops may have from 3-8 wicks on them, depending on size.
Use: hoops are spun around the body, on the body, artists step through the hoop, and they are sometimes (rarely) tossed and caught.

Fire Fans:
Description: Fire fans are metal objects shaped like large hands with wicks attached to the end of long “poles”. Wicks are again made of cotton and Kevlar. The length of the poles can be anywhere from 10 inches to 2 feet. Fans are often used in pairs. Fans can have from 3-6 wicks on them.
Use: fans are dragged on the body, swung in circles, spun around fingers, passed and sometimes (even more rarely than other tools (I’ve never seen it)) tossed and caught

Fire sword:
Description: sword “blades” are covered with Kevlar and cotton wicking from the handle to the end of the blade which can vary in length from 16 inches to 4 feet.
Use: They are swung, spun, dragged and sometimes (even more rarely than other tools (I’ve never seen it)) tossed and caught

Fire torches:
Description: a piece of Kevlar and cotton wicking is attached to a metal pole. Poles may vary in length from a few inches to multiple feet.
Use: they are swing, spun, dragged and sometimes tossed and caught.

Artists have agreed they will not toss and catch lit fire tools.
To be clear, we will not be using any tools other than the tools listed above. There will be no tools using compression of fuel (propane or otherwise) including but not limited to flame throwers. None of the artists will be breathing fire.

Safety information:
Located on the Post Street side of the square, behind (but not blocking) the
elevator area, on the Powell street side between the concrete wall and the
metal barrier will be the tool area; to the right of it (Toward the Stockton
Street side) will be the fuel area and farthest toward the Stockton Street
side will be the spin out area. This area is will be barricaded with steel

This tool, fuel and spin out areas will be covered with dry wall on the
bottom as well as in the back. Dry wall will be used to catch the drips and
splashed during spin out and tool dipping. We will post no-smoking signs in this area, in addition to having a safety team member guard the area.

This area will be guarded by a fire safety team member. Additional team
members will be posted around the stage and we will have 4-5 people on the
stage at all times. Between the safety team and the audience will be more
steel barricades. Audience members will be a minimum of 15 feet from the artists on stage with steel barricades between them and the performers.

The trained safety personnel will be using duvetyn (fire treated safety material) to extinguish the devices using a smothering method. In addition, we will have one 2A10BC or better rated fire extinguisher present in the upstage stage left side of the stage. In addition, we will have one steel garbage can with a lid to be used for containment (which will not be necessary). This will also be located in the upstage left side of the stage. There will be 5 safety crew members on the stage. One in each of the four corners and an additional person in the upstage left side of the stage. In addition, we will have a crew member by the fuel area assisting and guarding the fuel depot.

Between the walls on the Stockton street side of the stage the performers
will warm up. This area will also be behind steel barricades. Performers will be wearing natural fibers (rather than synthetics).

Banyan (Chicago) – staves
Bliss Butterfly (Sacramento) – staves
Cyrille (France) – poi
Dai (Japan) – staves
GlitterGirl (San Francisco) – poi
Grimm and His Babies (Cincinnati) – fans
Cirq d’ Optiq [ICoN & Jen] (Philadelphia) – poi and hoop
Isopop [Rich & Josh] (San Luis Obispo) – hoop
Lena & Pi (California) – fan
Manda Lights [Forka, Ima, Maelle & Meast] (France) – fans, staff, poi
MCP (Scotland) – staff, sword
Mireneye (Sweeden) – poi
Ms. Jamie “Sparkaluscious” Luv (San Francisco) – poi, hoop, staff
Plenty (San Francisco) – poi, hoop
Poki (Oakland) – torches
Rovo (Albany) – poi
Thomas from Nevisoul (Sweeden) & Alien Jon (USA) – poi
Vatra (San Francisco) – poi
Vulcan Crew [Krissy & Jordan] (Oakland) – poi
Yuta (Japan) – poi

In addition, the show will feature 5 student all poi performances by:

Nick Griffin
FireFlyGirlz (Susan & Brenda)
Divine Light (Nicolle, Marla & Brenda)
Supreme Beings of Fire (Susan, Michael, Melinda, Karishma, Brenda, Audrey, & Entropy
Dark Side of the Rainbow (Vlad, Susan, Shelly, Phoenix, Michael, Mallika, Jen, Beautium & Entropy)