Artist Profile: Pi

As we continue with our artist profiles for the Temple of Poi 2009 Fire Dancing Expo & 7 Year Anniversary, we spotlight Pi who will be performing with his partner Memory Elena.


Pi, performer in Temple of Poi Fire Dancing ExpoPi has performed on stage for over three decades and comes from a theatrical family that has performed since the late 1800s.  He has been playing guitar since the age of 14 and has studied flamenco for close to ten years.  He is a multi-tournement medalist in Pi, performer in Temple of Poi Fire Dancing ExpoKenpo with an emphasis on Kosho Ryu (traditional study dating back over 400 years).  Pi first began playing with fire in 2002 and has owned Pyrotation since late that same year.  His skill set includes: poi, fire whip, fire breathing, fire eating/fleshing, and fire sword.