Artist Profile: Melinda “FireCracker” Sanders

As we continue with our artist profiles for the Temple of Poi 2009 Fire Dancing Expo & 7 Year Anniversary, we spotlight student performer Melinda Sanders who will be performing with Supreme Beings of Fire.

Melinda "FireCracker" Sanders, student performer in Temple of Poi Fire Dancing ExpoMelinda started playing with fire in May 2005 after years of exposure to fire dancing through Burning Man and trips to Hawaii. She was fascinated with the rhytmic motion and the way the fire danced around the dancer.

Melinda is an engineer who teaches Spinning, which is all mind and lower body work, and was looking for an outlet that would help tone her upper body (the physical piece) and also allow her to ground herself (the spritual piece). She has found those qualities and so much more with fire dancing in general, and in the community Isa has fostered, in particular. She keeps playing and learning to spin fire as the process feeds her soul, Melinda "FireCracker" Sanders, student performer in Temple of Poi Fire Dancing Expoher spirit and her physical self; sometimes all at once, sometimes separately.

As she has a marching band background, the idea of physical coordination combined with art and beauty continues to weave its magical thread throughout her life. Melinda has now performed in Union Square 5 times (or more…she’s lost count), at the Burning of the Man once and hopes to spin fire at her wedding this year.

Enjoy this additional video of Melinda: