Artist Profile: Mallika Prakash

As we continue with our artist profiles for the Temple of Poi 2009 Fire Dancing Expo & 7 Year Anniversary, we spotlight student performer Mallika Prakash performing with Dark Side of the Rainbow.

Mallika Prakash, student performer in Temple of Poi Fire Dancing ExpoMallika was born in Delhi, a city which has strands of bygone empires running together in a mystic tapestry of ages and cultures. Legend has it that fire-formed spirits called Djinns have ensured Delhi’s vitality, no matter how many conflicts the city had to endure.
Mallika has in her Delhi’s soul, resolutely re-inventing herself for a more sublime future in the midst of the material present and the nostalgic past. Spinning fire, singing, strumming, sketching and painting have ensured romance in all her journeys through multiple countries, ages and careers.