Artist Profile: GlitterGirl

As we continue with our artist profiles for the Temple of Poi 2009 Fire Dancing Expo & 7 Year Anniversary, we spotlight our last performer in the show, event producer and Temple of Poi Founder, Isa “GlitterGirl” Isaacs.

Isa’s transformation from a high-tech corporate couch potato klutz to an internationally renown fire dancing icon has inspired people from all walks of life to believe in the possibility of creating a life that has passion and purpose. While she considers herself a fun, skilled, entertaining and awesome poi, hoop and fan dance performance artist, Isa’s work as an entrepreneur and instructor bringing these arts into the public is a far more unique aspect of her contribution to the flow and fire arts community.

In her quest to help people experience more freedom through flow, Isa founded Temple of Poi. The school and community empowers artists to gain greater facility with their body movement and increase body awareness through the use of poi and other flow tools as well as developing their practice. Isa’s work extends beyond the tools themselves and her focus is on personal development and self transformation using the metaphor of toys as a way of developing a more wholesome life practice.

As an entrepreneur, Isa was able to draw upon distinctions from her diverse background and 15 years of experience in systems engineering, computer consulting, customer support, courseware development, training, marketing, project implementation and department management. While her career in the computer industry garnered her financial success and various awards for performance excellence, Isa sought to integrate her artistic passion and creative desires with her entrepreneurial spirit which has resulted in building the premier poi school in the world.

In addition to her corporate career, Isa spent over 25 years exploring various music projects and instruments including voice, flute, electronic music composition, and has written, recorded and published a CD of original songs performed on piano. Initially drawn to San Francisco dance parties because of the music, she began dancing to the electronic beats in 1998 and after two years, she found poi. Over the next two years, she developed and honed her artistic skills and after leaving her corporate job in February 2001, she became a professional poi fire and light dancer in February 2002. 7 years ago, on April 25, 2002, Isa taught her first official poi class and by Summer of 2002 she had named the teaching facility Temple of Poi.

Since then, she has worked with thousands of individuals around the world concentrating her work in the Bay Area with hundreds of clients who practice with her regularly over the years. As an instructor, her work is about helping people empower themselves to be more expressed, have more fulfilling lives, face adversity courageously, be fully embodied and live authentic lives that flow from a place of integrated mind, body and spirit practices.

Temple of Poi has emerged as a popular dance studio in San Francisco and Isa will be taking her work around the USA this summer, offering Boot Camps in Chicago, Dallas and Bend (and maybe more places to come — contact her for classes in your city). Isa, also known by her performance name “GlitterGirl”, has been internationally recognized as a dance performer, appearing as a finalist in the Circle of Lights 4 and Circle of Lights 5 videos and has won three local Best of the Bay awards, including “Best Dance Studio.”

The historic 2009 Expo is the 9th not-for-profit show she’s produced in Union Square and is the culmination of her work, so far, in the flow and fire arts community. This event, like the previous 2 Fire Dancing Expos, is funded by her and the community and has been selected as a Cornerstone Event by National Dance Week. In addition, this is the second show she has produced as part of the City of San Francisco’s Diamonds in the Square program.

When she is not teaching, performing or developing Temple of Poi, she can be found pursuing her own evolution and development in body, mind and spirit, bringing the wisdom she gains to the school and community.

Enjoy these additional clips of Isa performing.

Photo Credit: fire photos by David Yu