Artist Profile: Corey White

As we continue with our artist profiles for the Temple of Poi 2009 Fire Dancing Expo & 7 Year Anniversary, we spotlight Corey White who will be performing with her partner Rovo.

Corey White, fire dancing artist performing with Rovo in Temple of Poi Fire Dancing ExpoCorey has always been interested in exploring curiosities. Combine this innate inquisitiveness with a life long love of theatrics, dance, and performance art and it is no wonder that the exploration of her curious nature has taken her on a dynamic path through life.

As an avid performer, Corey began pursuing the stage at age seven. Community theater and daily dance training grew to be her passions in life and also served as a vehicle for self expression. Since those early days, she has allowed her love of performance to expand. Corey shifted her interest from musical theater to classical theater and studied at the Globe in London. She earned scholarship money as a finalist at the Miss New York State Pageant, and has even spent time playing Alfalfa A. Duck (a life sized plushy duck who wears a cape and is the mascot for the Albany Aqua Ducks and Trolleys).

Corey White, fire dancing artist performing with Rovo in Temple of Poi Fire Dancing ExpoIn late 2004 the essence of Corey’s inquisitiveness was delightfully fulfilled when she stood in a commercial bus lot and watched a friend of a friend spin fire. Corey knew that night that the powerful sound and the captivating circles created by the poi would always be a part of her life.

Currently Corey is full of smiles as she discovers more and more about the non linear art form of object manipulation. Under the tutelage of that friend of a friend, she uses poi, fans, and hula hoop to bring poetry to her expressive dancing. As a co founder of her group Shilly Shally Fire Arts Corey gets into her favorite element of fire performance; spinning to live music for a live audience. Also with Shilly Shally she was able to dive into choreography and artistic direction, two of her developing interests.

Corey is so grateful that spinning came into her life. She met her partner, her best friends and has broadened her horizons by traveling across the USA, into Canada, and most recently to the Caribbean where she was part of a hotel floor show and countless beach bar performances. Corey is working on her bachelor of arts at Goddard College where her studies involve performance art with a focus on gender roles in fire dance performance. She is down with spreading the knowledge of the benefits of object manipulation and is making waves where ever she goes the only way she knows how; one circle at a time.