Artist Profile: Chris “Rovo” Bailey

As we continue with our artist profiles for the Temple of Poi 2009 Fire Dancing Expo & 7 Year Anniversary, we spotlight Chris “Rovo” Baily who will be performing with his partner Corey White .

Chris "Rovo" Bailey performing with Corey White at the Temple of Poi Fire Dancing ExpoChris “Rovo” Bailey has been making, breaking, and reshaping circles of all kinds since July of 2003 when he first discovered poi. Becoming at once a poi-addict/fanatic, Chris spent his early years of practice bouncing from website to website trying to learn as much as he could about this intriguing new artform. Learning to spin equipped with only the internet and the information provided therein by the wonderful people who were wiling to openly share their knowledge on forums like HoP and Spherculism, Chris considers himself a child of the internet poi revolution. He was 2 years in before he had the chance to meet another living breathing poi artist and after those first encounters with other spinners, a new path through life materialized. One of travel, friendship, smiles and the making of circles.

Chris "Rovo" Bailey performing with Corey White at the Temple of Poi Fire Dancing Expo6 years later Chris has much to be thankful about. Through the spinning community he has been able to travel throughout the US sharing his love of the spinning arts and meeting other incredible people with the same passion that he has. Due to the diversity of the people in the spinning scene Chris has been lucky to meet others with a wide range of views on life, interesting and mind-expanding experiences to share, and has learned valuable lessons about the ways of the world and the kind of life he would like to live. Pretty much if it wasn’t for poi he wouldn’t be the person he is today.

Chris "Rovo" Bailey performing with Corey White at the Temple of Poi Fire Dancing ExpoNowadays Chris has begun to explore as many forms of object manipulation as possible having taken up staff, double staff, rope dart, juggling, contact juggling, fans, meteor, and his newest obsession… double meteor. He has had the honor of winning the first ever Fire Idol competition at Burning man 07 and with his troupe Shilly-Shally Fire Arts he has performed at many music festivals as well as many local community, charity and private events throughout the northeast . His latest endeavor brought him and his partner to the island of St John in the USVI to spend the winter performing and playing in the Caribbean sun. As to what lies ahead Chris cannot be sure but a few things are for true; there will be good times, good people, and the of course the making of circles involved.

Enjoy this additional video of Rovo.