Beginner Poi Training Special and Radio Interview

If you weren’t aware, I was a guest on a Blog Talk Radio Show last week where Coach Marla and I talked about Flowing Through Chronic Pain. The 2 hour show was a lot of fun and we talked about how I went from playing piano, to learning I had RSI, to recovery from a 4 car head on collision, to leaving the corporate world and starting Temple of Poi. 

Poi Fire Dancing Trio During the show, I made an offer for beginner poi artists to gain access the Temple of Poi on line lessons — the equivalent of our 6 class in person series for poi beginners — for a dramatic discount. If you’re interested in starting a poi practice, check out this amazing discount special on the Temple of Poi Computer Based Training — including a set of practice poi — at this President’s Day bargain price of $35 (plus s&h).