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Vikki "FireSpice" Friedman, Senior Instructor

GlitterGirlUntil recently, Vikki has been both curious and apprehensive towards the element of fire. In 1997, her apartment burned to the ground leaving her with only the clothes on her back and her strong spirit.

An enduring journey led her to experience Burning Man in 2001, which made a lasting impression. After Burning Man 2002 her pursuit to conquer fire was stronger than ever. The fire dancers particularly intrigued her, and provoked her to find a teacher of this art.

In February 2003, Vikki began studying poi fire dancing with Isa "Glittergirl" Isaacs at the Temple of Poi, and has been passionate about the art form ever since. Vikki adapted Firespice (and BIA) as her performance name as she cultivated her poi skills into a creative, powerful, passionate and energetic performance style. As a humble teacher and eager student, she continues to expand her techniques into an innovative practice.

In return for this gift she has received, she began teaching poi classes at the Temple in Spring of 2004. Vikki takes pleasure in working with students and watching them blossom into artists with their own style. In addition to teaching at the Temple, you can often find Vikki at the Temple's spin jam, flow rEvolution available as the staff instructor.

As a flow arts practitioner in poi, hoop, and staff, and a regular performer with the The Temple of Poi dancers, Vikki is uniquely qualified to understand the depth and complexity of the transition from novice student to performance artist. In addition to instructing for Temple of Poi, in Fall 2005, Vikki began managing the Artists section of the web site which is designed to provide exposure and promotion for flow performers around the world.






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"Spinning and dancing with poi has opened a door to a joyful discovery of feeling and experiencing my body in space, movement and rhythm.  Thank you for providing me this opportunity through your school and teachings!  I am lucky to have you in my life!"
~K. Keating; January, 2008

"This evolution (of Temple of Poi) must be amazingly exciting for you. I think it is entirely appropriate, by the way, that the name is
Temple of Poi
and not just
School of Poi.
You are building/growing something really great. Right on. :-)"

~L. Daykin; March, 2005

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